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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 4:18 pm    Post subject: Official: Nike Dunk SB Price Check Reply with quote

2002 -- 2002

Supa $800-$1000
Mulder $350-$400
Gino I $200-$325
Wheat Forbes $580-$700
Gino II $200-$250
Chocolate $800-$1100
Paul Brown $550-$750
Zoo York $1500-$1700
Loden $325-$400
Wheat Hi $400-$475
Sharks $350-$425
Supreme Low (Blue) $900-$1200
Supreme Low (Red) $800-$1000
Flash $400-$450
Forbes Denim $1500-$1900

2003 -- 2003

Bonsai Hemp $400-$500
Bison $350-$425
Takashi $300-$350
Hulk $250-$300
Futura $350-$425
Vamp $200-$240
True Red $275-$325
Heineken $550-$700
Supreme Hi - Orange $550-$700
Supreme Hi - Red $550-$700
Supreme Hi - Blue $550-$700
Bronco $200-$225
Barf $180-$225
Iron $175-$200
Ostrich $150-$200
Brownpack Hi $130-$150
Brownpack Low $90-$120

2004 -- 2004

Buck $325-$375
Ghost $150-$165
Sea Crystal $250-$300
Homer $325-$400
Burgundy Hemp $170-$200
Cascade Hemp $170-$200
Jedi $300-$350
Brown Carhartt $110-$150
Black Carhartt $110-$150
Medicom I $600-$725
Cali $375-$450
Unlucky $200-$240
Lucky $425-$475
Shimizu $150-$180
Unkle $400-$475
Tweed Low $250-$300
Tweed Hi $215-$250
Hunter $250-$275
HUF $220-$250
Shanghai $200-$250
Mocha $90-$110
Grit $90-$100
Medicom II $875-$1250

2005 -- 2005

Homegun $225-$250
Awaygun $230-$260
Bandaid $130-$170
T-19 $100-$150
St.Patty $100-$150
J-Pack $150-$180
Boca $150-$175
Fog $150-$175
Oompa $150-$170
Cinco De Mayo $150-$175
Shy Pink $110-$130
Stussy $180-$225
Patent Blue Avenger $300-$400
Patent Black Avenger $300-$400
FG Blue Avenger $200-$250
FG Black Avenger $200-$250
Vapor $100-$125
Diamond $360-$550
Slam City $275-$325
Shanghai II $130-$175
Black Melvin $150-$180
White Melvin $130-$150
Blackpack $60-$100
St.John $110-$130
UNLV $110-$150
Syracuse $110-$130
Iowa $150-$175
Michigan $110-$150
Villanova $110-$130
Kentucky $110-$130
Medicom III $400-$550
De La Soul Low $175-$250
De La Soul Hi $250-$325
Pushead $225-$275

2006 -- 2006

Hawaii $170-$200
Send Help $130-$150
High Hair $110-$130
Eire $90-$120
Sandalwood $70-$90 (retail)
EC Lunar $140-$175
WC Lunar $140-$175
Crimson $90-$110
Blue Golf $120-$140
Brown Golf $120-$140
Khaki $90-$110
Blackpack II $70-$100 (retail)
Neptunes $70-$110 (retail)
Wieger $70-$100 (retail)
Puf n Stuf $70-$120 (retail)
SBTG $325-$400
Mork and Mindy $130-$150
BAs $125-$150
Bics $70-$90 (retail)
Ash/Chalks $70-$90 (retail)
Purple/Grays $100-$120
Day of the Deads $325-$400
Three Bears Low $100-$150
Three Bears Mid $125-$175
Three Bears High $125-$175
Mafia Low $100-$130
Mafia High $100-$140
Wheat Mid $75-$125
Taxis (green) $70-$100 (retail)
Taxis (blue) $100-$130
Medicom 4s $300-$400
Michael Laus $1200-$1800

2007 -- 2007

Paul Urich High $90-$130
Tweed 2s $70-$90 (retail)
Vapor Mid $70-$90 (retail)
Milli Vanilli $70-$90 (retail)
Dino Jr $170-$220
Linoleum Crew Mid $120-$150
Border Blues $70-$90 (retail)
White/Brown Snake $70-$90 (retail)
Pee Wees $75-$150
Maneki Neko Lows $150-$200
Maneki Neko Mids $150-$210
Maneki Neko Highs $120-$180

City Series -- City Series

Paris $3000-$3500
Tokyo $1000-$1400
London $1400-$2000
Pigeon $1900-$2500

Brazilian Series -- Brazilian Series

Miami Dunk Lows $250-$425
Un Vapors $150
Un Jpacks N/A
Un Vamps N/A
Un Eires $175-$225
Un Bucks $200-$250
UNLV Lows $200-$250
Cezar Gordos $350-$425
Fabio Cristianos $300-$350
Samelos $325-$375
Gerdals $275-$325
Neptune Highs $150-$200
Brown Highs $150-$200
Bic Highs $150-$225

If any of the above are not quite correct - Please PM the Mod so that it can be edited (minor differences less than $25 don't worry about). These are rough guidelines and vary based on size, difficulty in finding a specific size, etc. (Note:Info Via NSB)
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:18 am    Post subject: great Reply with quote

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In winter,if you never owned even one pair of
ugg boots,it's really a pity.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:01 am    Post subject: profitable products Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If any of the above are not quite correct - Please PM the Mod so that it can be edited (minor differences less than $25 don't worry about).
These are rough guidelines and vary based on size
pandora beads
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:30 am    Post subject: ugg pas cher paris Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:15 am    Post subject: Nike provides $1 million,plus clothing,for relief purpose in Reply with quote

Nike provides $1 million,plus clothing,for relief purpose in Japan

nike blazer informed The Oregonian Friday afternoon that it will donate $1 million to relief endeavours in Japan, as well as an extra $250,000 worth of shoes and clothing for catastrophe victims.

Some from the cash donation will most in all likelihood be funneled by method of engineering for Humanity, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that taps in to a system of architects for their support in making communities, especially in devastated places like factors of Japan. The celebration also assisted Haiti subsequent its earthquake and New Orleans quickly after Hurricane Katrina.

Other money recipients will most in all likelihood be made the decision later, mentioned Mary M. Remuzzi, director of Nike globally company communications. The shoes and clothing may possibly be distributed by method of Japan's Defense Department, she said.

"We've been in Japan for just about any prolonged time," Remuzzi said. "It's an enormous online community for us. We possess a long-time responsibility there and also this could be recognized getting a additional responsibility to that end."

Nike has about 26 arrangement factories in Japan, mainly producing options for usage in that country. The business employs hundreds in Japan.

And while Oregon will most in all likelihood be the birthplace of Nike, its globally roots are deepest in Japan.

Cheap nike shoes, co-founder from the business that now employs extra than 36,000 males and ladies globally and extra than 6,000 in Oregon, 1st visited Japan in 1962. He traveled through the country. on the lark, he visited Onitsuka Co., Ltd., the Kobe-based business that designed Tiger-brand operating shoes. And concerning the spot, Knight established a distribution alliance among the Onitsuka and Nike's forebear, Blue Ribbon Sports.

On Thursday, cheap jordan shoespresident and chief executive officer Mark Parker, spoke about Japan in the outset from the company's quarterly earnings report:

"Before we get into today's results, I think it's essential to acknowledge the exceptional problems steering on in Japan. Like lots of of you, I've exceptional pals there and Nike has lots of teammates who are dealing with this devastating event.

"And should you knew totally nothing concerning the Japanese males and ladies past to last week, they've totally confirmed what the phrase grace below stress certainly means. Thankfully, all of our personnel are accounted for and safe, and we're working with relief companies to help concerning one other hand we can. But i understand I communicate for everyone on this accomplish from the phone when I say our ideas and prayers are with Japanese people." It is written by zhanghomywinter 2103

nike blazer
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:18 am    Post subject: Skechers bags store from the twelve weeks award Reply with quote

Skechers bags store from the twelve weeks award

Filed Under: customer Issues, business, Awards and Prizes, division stores

MANILA, Philippines – after again, Skechers has confirmed that challenging hold out and excellence are not limited to its footwear.

In its most current achievement, the Skechers store in Market! market place remains to be recognized since the store from the twelve weeks using the 13th yearly Ayala local mall Merchant Awards and cited for store Operations Excellence.

The award was offered by Ayala property Chairman Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala and Ayala property President and commercial team mind Tony Aquino and been given by Karen Ong, full Operations Manager of Skechers and Patrick Jason Gonzales, area product sales Supervisor.

Market! Market! is situated within of the newest middle company area Bonifacio globally City. It has the broad range and freshness of the Sunday street market place within of the distinctive surroundings as well as the important comforts of an Ayala Mall.

Skechers Philippines besides Market! Market! has effectively set up a local community of idea stores using the Metro collectively with in other factors from the Philippines to showcase the different shoes product line.

Retail Operations Manager, Karen Ong said: “This award genuinely is recognised like a testament to the commitment of Skechers to provide to our consumers a complete brand recognize knowledge at any time they go to our stores besides presenting to them a entire broad range of Skechers products. Skechers is not only a store but a lifestyle style style destination. And using the intro of Shape-ups, it has even develop to be considered a individual conditioning location by many.”

skechers shoes, the globally mind in style-right lifestyle style shoes options as well as the newest amount two brand recognize using the United States, has released Shape-ups, a effective conditioning shoes collection below its conditioning Group.

Shape-ups are specialized shoes built to strengthen muscles, market bodyweight loss, and increase posture. Featuring a rocker-bottom outsole and Resamax(TM) kinetic wedge that collectively simulate walking on gentle sand, Shape-ups provide a steady natural instability, activating muscle groups with every individual step.

skechers shape has also introduced, skechersRadius fitness instructor (SRT) as well as the Skechers Resistance Runner (SRR) designed well-known by NBA basketball legend Karl Malone and global advertising icon, Kim Kardashian in globally marketing campaigns. These effective campaigns experienced been specific to push health, fitness, and acquiring even more away from your hold out out.

skechers shapeups globally campaign also utilized other sports activities greats which include hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky, American football icon Joe Montana, as well as the most significant NBA basketball participant of all time, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. With all these “sports greatest” standing at the rear of Shape-ups, not just has the collection gained globally accomplishment but even more and even more of those legends’ followers have joined using the Shape-ups work-out.

Aside from Market! Market!, Skechers may be also found out in other malls nationwide: Trinoma, Robinsons place Manila, Glorietta 5, Festival Supermall, Marquee local mall in Pampanga and Ayala center in Cebu. It is written by zhangskechersshoesshop 2103

skechers shape
skechers shapeups
skechers shoes
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:28 am    Post subject: High engineering MBT shoe Reply with quote

High engineering MBT shoe

MBT Shoes experienced been invented in Switzerland before to the engineer Karl mixing machine, the pattern idea was shining from the rice fields near to the cost from the sensation of walking bareheaded. It is amazing to listen to, it appears to acquire near to one other it appears odd idea. But in fact, near to the principal battle tank from the Swiss Masai shoes, man, its fantastic pattern permits that you really feel gentle extrieve go.

Wearing Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, you will locate it so amazing .Cheap MBT Tariki will strengthen the muscle tissue of your article. MBT shoes, the surface area is waterproof.

Because the qualities of the shoe, numerous individuals such as the shoes. mbt cheap are warm sale, that is belong to MBT Shoes. Welcome to our store, you will locate just one you like. Non taxes and zero cost shipping.

This entry was posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 6:01 am and is also filed below Bestseller MBT Shoes. You can stick to any responses to this entry by applying the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback away from your individual site.

cheap mbt shoes can stimulate using unnoticed strength; improve posture and gait; development and contour physique; can cater amend the sustain,butt,legs and feet; presumably possess been well-known it! Can a good offer better the joints,muscles, decrease price MBT Nuru ligaments and sinew harm retrieval; diminish the somatesthesia near to the joint and bright joints MBT shoes ,can metal the embody movements,but from the acquire of MBT shoes to spend purpose for that particulars of what it?

mbt sandals are planned in a different way than any fantastic footgear pipage.Instead of the matt minimal,apiece MBT shoes carries a hyperboloidal compound,which produces a relocating spreading appropriate after apiece help you jazz.This uncomparable proceed qualified prospects to umpteen varied rowdy groups to utilize harder,thus toning and strengthening your muscle tissue MBT pop sandals and boosting your boilersuit health! It is written by zhangmbtfinger 2103

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:40 am    Post subject: timberland boots men Reply with quote

This can be accomplished only by providing each citizen with every timberland 6 inch premium to participate in the management of the government. They must have that, we believe. We believe that the government which represents the authority of all the people, not just one interest group, but all the people, timberland winter boots has an obligation to actively -- actively -- seek to remove those obstacles which timberland mens boots would block individual achievement -- obstacles emanating from race, sex, economic condition. The government must remove them, seek to remove them. We are a party -- We are a party of innovation. timberland nellie chukka do not reject our traditions, but we are willing to adapt to changing circumstances, when change we must. We are willing to suffer the discomfort of change in order to achieve a better timberland euro hiker. We have a positive vision of the future founded on the belief that the gap between the promise and reality of America can one day be finally closed. We believe that. This, timberland boots is the bedrock of our concept of governing. This is a part of the reason why Americans have turned to the Democratic Party. These are the foundations upon which a national community can be built. Let all understand that these guiding timberland roll top shoes cannot be discarded for short-term political gains. They represent what this country is all about. They are indigenous to the American idea. And timberland 3 eye boat shoe are principles which are not negotiable. In other times -- In other times, I could stand here and give this kind of exposition on the beliefs of the Democratic Party and that would be enough. But today that timberland boots men is not enough. People want more. That is not sufficient reason for the majority of the people of this timberland boots for cheap to decide to vote Democratic. Dami
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:17 am    Post subject: timberland chukka boots Reply with quote

There timberland boots clearance was no end to the places shmily would pop up. Little notes with shmily scribbled hurriedly were found on dashboards and car seats, or taped to steering wheels. The notes were stuffed mens timberland boots inside shoes and left under pillows.Shmily was written in the dust upon the mantel and traced in the ashes of the fireplace. This mysterious word was as much a part of my grandparents' womens timberland boots house as the furniture.They smeared it in the dew on the windows overlooking the patio where my grandma always fed us warm, homemade pudding with blue food coloring. Shmily was written in timberland boat shoes the steam left on the mirror after a hot shower, where it would reappear bath after bath.At one point, my grandmother even unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper to timberland classic lug shoes leave shmily on the very last sheet.It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate my grandparents' game. Skepticism cheap timberland boots has kept me from believing in true love — one that is pure and enduring. However, I never doubted my grandparents' relationship. It was discount timberland boots more than their flirtatious little games; it was a way of life. Their relationship as based on a devotion and passionate timberland 3 eyes boats affection which not everyone is lucky enough to experience.Grandma and Grandpa held hands every chance they could. They stole kisses as timberland 6 inch boots they bumped into each other in their tiny kitchen. They finished each other's sentences and shared the daily crossword puzzle and word timberland roll top boots jumble. My grandma whispered to me about how cute my grandpa was, how handsome and old he had grown to be. Before every timberland 3eyes handsewn burgundy meal they bowed their heads and gave thanks, marveling at their blessings: a wonderful family, good fortune, and each other.But there was a dark cloud in my grandparents' life: my timberland dancing boots grandmother had breast cancer. The disease had first appeared ten years earlier. As always, Grandpa timberland chukka boots was with her every step of the way. He comforted her in their yellow room, painted that way so that she could timberland classic tall boots always be surrounded by sunshine, even she was too sick to go outside.Dami
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:56 am    Post subject: UGG Boots Clearance Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:31 am    Post subject: Re:Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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